• Erin Custer

Winter Mourning

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I tend to experience the spectrum of emotions that December dishes out, faithfully. I love that December keeps me alive, aware of whats not serving me. Winter challenges some of us to find the beauty and joy in unfavorable situations. I'm not a great fan of Winter, which makes the season a great host for personal growth.

For me, the solstice is a reflective time when I shed the habits, relationships and thoughts that interfere with my ability to choose joy. I welcome the healing, growth and awareness that parallels. This is when I honor myself the most, by being aware.

As the excitement for a new year, fresh start and new opportunities creates momentum, I am sharing with you that the complete EOLS Certification Program is available and open for enrollment! With short notice, there are two opportunities available for the January Intro. Certification is possible in a few short months as we welcome Spring.

I hope that each of you enjoy this season of rebirth. Find your light in the darkness and shed what isn't serving you. By engaging in our own spiritual health, we become naturals at guiding others through the process of end of life. We have the opportunity to engage it in a way that is a natural healing and growth process. If we are tending to our own spirit, our offering will be most beneficial to those we serve.

Warm wishes and holiday blessings of sparkles and joy!


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